If you own a coffee outlet, we can cover all your coffee needs. 

From supplying coffee to staff training, we offer a wide range of support and advise at every step.

We work with great coffee machine suppliers with a wide range of equipment to suit your needs. 

Coffee for Wholesale Customers

We understand that choosing the right coffee is a big step with running your place. It doesn’t matter how big or small your operation is, we will be happy to advise you on which of our coffees is better suited to your operation.

Our house blend is the most popular option. A medium roast from Brazil and Honduras.

If you are after single origins we work with all year round and seasonal bean. Get in touch to talk about what suits you best.

We supply other products like tea, chocolate and syrups to complement your offering.


we offer the following services to help business owners grow their coffee sales, or if you just want to improve your coffee skills:

Coffee machine service

We offer different levels of servicing, whatever machine or model you have, to ensure a long life. From front service (gaskets and shower filter) to full descaling and water softener replacement, we can help.

Coffee Training

We provide comprehensive, on-going training for all levels. We understand this is a key element when working with coffee.

Coffee Consultancy:

 With more than 15 years in the Food Industry, we have the experience and advice your business needs to take it to the next level.

Quality Auditing

 In addition to bespoke barista training, we offer regular coffee inspections, where we check multiple parameters of your coffee to ensure consistent high quality.

Get the best products and service for your business!

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