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Our Happy Customers

Hands down the best coffee to make at home. Having always loved the original blend I thought I’d try the new Single Origin blend, which is a Colombian. I love it. Excellent, friendly customer service & great value.
Josie Maidens
Really smooth blend. Customer service excellent and knowledge of coffee blends exceptional.
Cathryn Armer
Love this coffee, have bought for myself and for friends who have also loved it! Very smooth, just how I love my lattes.
Dee Carter

Suppliers of quality coffee in Warwickshire

Our mission is to provide high quality coffee with high quality service.The UK’s coffee culture is constantly growing and we understand that the search for good quality coffee is important to our customers.

With this in mind, we embarked on a journey to select the perfect beans from around the world, to create a great blend.

With a wealth of experience in the coffee industry, we provide an excellent service for all your business and personal needs.

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Our Coffee

Our coffee is a blend of Brazilian and Honduran beans, which gives a smooth taste with a silky mouthfeel, a sweetness of vanilla, caramel and a clean finish.

The Honduran coffee used in this blend contributes body and balance. All these elements create a great quality espresso.


We care about the environment, which is why we are Rainforest Alliance certified. This ensures our coffee is sourced in a sustainable manner while looking after our coffee growers.


Coffee Equipment

However big or small your project is, we can advise about the best option for your business based on your needs and budget.


Coffee machine service: We offer different levels of servicing, whatever machine or model you have, to ensure a long life. From front service (gaskets and shower filter) to full descaling and water softener replacement, we can help.